The instances of the failure of inbuilt PST repair utility-Inbox Repair Tool are common. Some error messages may indicate that this repair system has failed to repair the corrupted PST file and you now require PST recovery through other ways. Such an error message is:

Fatal Error 80040818.

The Inbox Repair tool may fail with this error message. This can be the case if the file has got corrupted due to file size limitation problem of Outlook PST or non-creation of the new profile after upgrading MS Outlook.

The situation is that this PST repair is unable to solve your particular problem i.e. the corrupted PST is beyond repair. But fortunately there is an alternative to this particular problem. Even if the Inbox Repair tool fails, the PST repair software can do the job for you.

If you retain the backup of the data then certainly you are out of the situation of using the repair Outlook PST software. But if this has not been maintained, PST repair software is the only option unless to avoid loss of the relevant information.

These software are so designed by the geek engineers of data recovery industry that to analyze the corrupted PST in the systematic manner and thus enabling PST recovery. The user is freed of not having the technical knowledge about using the software beforehand due to the interactive user interface which comes equipped with. Moreover, the software is found to be complete repair Outlook PST tools, addressing each specific PST corruption issue.

If the user is little specific about his/her choice of PST repair software, then the complete recovery can be attained. Also the wrong choice may contribute in bringing mishaps to the existing situation.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software is the standout solution for repairing and restoring the corrupted PST in the most effective manner. This repair Outlook PST utility is the well developed tool in each PST corruption case.

The software repairs all the e-mail messages, contacts, notes, journals, calendar and other Outlook objects. This tool is capable to do PST repair for encrypted as well as password protected files. Due to the read-only and non destructive nature of the software, the contents are not modified at all. The software is compatible with Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. The demo version of the software which will let you know its efficiency is available on Stellar’s website.